Just like a three legged stool, if one of these essential elements is neglected your whole pool and spa water quality and clarity will be poor and unhealthy.

Often neglected, sometimes an afterthought, the correct sizing application and operation of your pool equipment is essential to maintain a healthy, trouble free pool and spa.

Three essential elements of a great looking pool and spa are

Good quality filtration is essential to remove the organic material that enters your pool and, in addition to making your pool unsightly, provides the food for algae and bacteria to grow.
Sanitising you pool water requires two processes – disinfection and oxidising. The contaminants that can be transmitted from person to person need a residual sanitiser and then the used sanitiser needs to be oxidised to prevent the build up of potentially hazardous and smelly combined chlorines and other substances in the water.
Chemical balance of your pool and spa is essential not just for comfortable silky smooth water, but to allow your sanitiser and oxidiser to do job. When pH is high, the sanitiser becomes ineffective and the water irritating to the skin.
Insnrg take a whole of system view of the pool including, sanitising, filtration, water balance, heating and water features such as spa jets and fountains.
Not just an equipment designer and manufacturer, we believe in offering solutions that involve design, advice, selection, commissioning and after sales service.

Ready for start up and commissioning. This pool and spa is controlled by one Vi Chlorinator and Automation system including motorised valve actuators, Pool and Spa Temperature Control, Insnrg Gi Gas Heater, 700mm diameter Glass media filter with automatic pH and chlorine control. The system includes the energy efficient Qi variable speed pump, Si 400 spa jet pump and Si 200 Solar heating pump. 

Nearing completion, this basement installation of a pool and spa filtration and heating system included in-floor cleaning system, Vi Automation and chlorination with pH and chlorine control, variable speed pump and a whole lot of valves to isolate system when servicing.

Hamburger with the lot. This small indoor pool and spa in Melbourne had almost every conceivable feature requiring 6 pumps, Gi Gas Heater, Hi Heat pump and automatic chemical control.

A retirement village installation, with pool kept at 32 degrees and spa kept at 38 degrees year round. The heaters installed were Hi 120 three phase Heat Pumps and the pool and spa have salt chlorinators on each body of water controlled by chlorine and pH sensors.

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