Cartridge Filters – efficient, easily installed, fine filtration

Ci Cartridge filters offer cleaner, more efficient filtration with the unique design internal weir which ensures even water flow through the high quality polyester filter element. The dirt load is equally shared over the entire surface of the element, reducing cleaning frequency. The one piece reinforced polymer body eliminates leaks from glued sections, and the circumferential O ring seal simply seals better as more water pressure is created, eliminating leaks from the lid. Safety latches ensure the lid lock ring cannot be mistakenly loosened while the system is under pressure.

Li Cartridge Filter, the ultimate in low maintenance

Cartridge Filters may filter smaller particles than sand or glass filters, but the Li Quad Cartridge Filter offers the lowest maintenance and cleaning frequency. 4 polyester filter elements create a huge surface area to collect debris over months of zero filter maintenance. Low resistance to flow as a result of the huge surface area means faster water turnover using less energy. Less cleaning means less water loss and lower cost of chemicals to top up the diluted water after cleaning.