Your first and best choice in durable, innovative swimming pool equipment

Insnrg was founded with a mission to create a range of products that are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and use energy wisely to save your hip pocket. We use the best quality components, the most innovative designs, and the latest in technology to make the Insnrg range of products the first and best choice for your swimming pool.

The founding partners of Insnrg have taken over 120 years of experience in design, manufacture, sales and installation and have developed product and a dealer network that will ensure your swimming pool investment is always ready to swim and a pleasure for you to own.

Essential Elements

Insnrg’s goal is to provide you with the best appliances to make your pool a pleasure to own. The essential functions of your pool appliances are to circulate, filter organic contaminants and most importantly, sanitise the water to remove bacteria and algae. The really fun stuff starts when you look at heating, automating and lighting your pool. Insnrg have great innovations that will make your pool a pleasure to own and use.

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Access Control

Grant Full / Limited Access to your pool equipment

Managing Favourites

Set favourites to turn your pool into “Dad’s Party Mode”

Professional Care

Keep your local pool professional informed about your equipment status at all times.

24/7 Monitoring

Someone’s always watching and monitoring your system, even when you are away.



Ci Cartridge Filters

Compact high performance filtration
Cartridge filters are one of the most popular choices for swimming pools and spas. High quality polyester elements easily handle the high flow rates of today’s modern pumps

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Si Single Speed Pump

Heavy Duty and Durable
Insnrg’s Si Pump range incorporates large locking ring handles which make the lid easy to remove and the large strainer basket reduces the frequency of maintenance and cleaning.

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Gi Gas Heater

Heating on Demand
Small in size but big on performance, Insnrg’s Gi Gas Heater has the capacity to heat your pool or spa at any time. We call this heating “on demand”.

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Qi Variable Speed Pump

Lowest energy cost for your pool
Your swimming pool pump is the heart of the pool and one of the hardest working products in your home. The Insnrg Qi variable speed pump has been carefully designed with the highest quality components

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Automation and smart devices are the buzz words at the moment. Most new houses come with some form of control on your smart device whether it be lights, or temperature, or irrigation.

So here is your opportunity to be the envy of your friends by applying automation to your pool equipment. This will give you total control of your equipment, wherever you have internet connection.

  • Motion Detector
  • Control Panel
  • Cellular Communication
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Outdoor Wireless HD Camera
  • Interior HD Camera
  • Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock
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