It takes a whole lot of technology to keep your pool and spa looking beautiful, healthy to swim in and fun to use. That’s what we do at Insnrg. We design and manufacture equipment to filter, move, heat and sanitise your pool and spa and then automate the system so that it is easy, in fact a delight to use.

Our Top Topics At A Glance

Simplify your Pool and Spa Operation

Pools can be complicated, and so can the equipment that runs them. Insnrg’s inTouch Automation App simplifies the operation of your pool and spa, encouraging you to make use of your considerable investment.

How much is that Pool Pump Costing to run?

There’s probably no harder working appliance in your home. 8+ hours everyday, 365 days a year can consume a lot of power. Insnrg’s variable speed pump can be set for the ideal water turnover to suit your pool and save you up to 80% of the filtration operating costs.

More than a sanitiser, a complete automation system in one single controller

Two products combined in one. Nearly every pool has a chlorinator and automation, so Insnrg thought why not combine both? The Vi Automation and chlorination system sanitises and oxidises your pool and controls multiple appliances including solar, gas and electric heating, motorised valves, filter pumps, lights and water features. In addition it allows control of your pool water chemistry all from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Heating – get to use your pool and spa

Not everyone is an ice berger. Most of us want to swim in warm, comfortable pools and steaming spas. What is it about warm water that we all love? The challenge is the average water temperature, even in northern Australia is rarely, if ever warm enough to invite an afternoon swimming and playing in the pool.

For most of Australia, the water temperature has to be raised by 10 to 15 degrees to reach a comfortable swimming temperature and by 20 to 25 degrees to create spa water temperature. Solar heating struggles for most of the year, so the only viable option is gas or electric heat pump heaters. Insnrg’s engineers are experts at designing and manufacturing world class pool and spa heaters and can help you select the perfect heater for your backyard oasis.