G9 High Efficiency Pool and Spa Heater

Fast heat up and high efficiency, the G9 condensing gas pool heater is better for the environment, easier on your wallet and heats your pool and spa faster using less gas. Swim at any time of the year with the temperature you want. With a net efficiency of up to 95%, the G9 range reduces gas consumption and emissions by more than 20% over minimum efficiency gas heaters.

LC Inverter Heat Pump – small footprint, maximum heat

The LC Heat Pump is a full inverter heat pump with a difference.   The unique centrifugal high pressure fan means smaller clearances and a smaller footprint for installation.

With a peak COP of 16, the LC Heat Pump offers maximum pool heating for the lowest energy cost.

The screwless design cabinet is attractive and construcdtued of marine grade powder coated aluminium to facilitate the high pressure fan and reduced clearances around the unit.

Hi Heat Pump

Incorporating full inverter technology, the HI heat pump offers the highest efficiency levels in electric heat pump pool and spa heating. With a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 14, this means for every kW of energy used, the HI heat pump puts up to 14 kW of heat into your pool or spa water.

The Inverter technology also means the heat pump is whisper quiet allowing flexible installation and extended heating times without creating noise in sensitive areas such as bedrooms and entertainment areas. A range of sizes up to 40 kW output allows you to select a unit that is sized right for your pool and spa.

Gi mid efficiency Gas Pool and Spa Heaters

Eliminating the need to keep your pool and spa hot all the time, the Gi gas heater range allows you to swim on demand. Simply turn your heater on and your pool will be ready to swim in a matter of hours while your spa can be luxuriously warm in as little as 30 minutes. With the smallest footprint, ease of use and fast heat up you the Gi Gas Heater helps you get the most out of your significant pool and spa investment.