Vi Automation and Chlorination +

inTouch Wi-Fi Portal +


Pool and Spas have evolved and can be complicated. The expectation of today’s pool owner is that the automation included with their pool allows everything to be operated intuitively and by the touch of a button. We know it’s never quite that simple however, Insnrg’s inTouch automation focuses on making three key areas as simple as possible.

Alexa Skill enabled allows the convenience of voice activation and control of your Insnrg Automation System and control of your pool and spa.

Installation – Set the whole system up from your phone or Smart Device. Assign outlets, valves, temperature sensors, then set up timer periods, chlorine and pH, pretty much anything required is completed by the App. With more features than any other system, the inTouch App makes owning a pool and spa fun.
Operation – so intuitive and stable, the inTouch app is easily set up and allows the new pool owner complete control of their pool with minimal training Ongoing maintenance – the Business User access allows real time information, scheduled system reports to check on the status of all parts of the filtration, heating, and chlorination system.

Set the whole system up from your phone, tablet or computer.

Editable home screen, hide unused icons or make other appliances front and centre. Set favourites and appliance rules that ensures the correct combination of appliances work at the same time.

Turn the Spa ON and inTouch will calculate the heat up time.

Watch the progress of the Spa Heating.

Watch the progress of the Spa Heating.

inTouch Dashboard graphs water temperature, roof temperature, displays system status and even tells the owner when service is required.

Guest Access allows the pool owner to share the pool with guests, tenants and friends with limited access by: Start and end date
• Maximum Temperatures Blackout time to prevent late night parties
•Exclude appliances that shouldn’t be played with

Plan an event and pre plan spa and pool temperatures, what appliances are ON and when the event finishes.
inTouch will automatically calculate when to start heating to reach the perfect temperature at exactly the right time.

inTouch Relay Hub

Add to the Vi and expand your system’s capabilities to control the largest of pool and spa systems or install as a stand alone automation control centre. The inTouch Relay hub allows connection and control of pumps, lights, heaters, solar heating and motorised valves to
control pool and spa functions, water features and water temperature. Simply add the inTouch Wi-Fi Portal and connect from anywhere in the world.