Vi Automation and Chlorination System

The Vi incorporates chlorine and pH sensors, then converts the minerals or salt in your pool to the correct level of chlorine while maintaining the perfect pH balance to create perfectly healthy, crystal clear, family friendly water to swim in.

Not only that, the Vi includes an entire pool automation system enabling control over pool lights, cleaning systems, water temperature, motorised valves – virtually any appliance connected with your pool, spa or garden. Combined with the inTouch Wi-fi Portal you have intuitive control of all your pool and spa’s settings from any of your smart devices wherever you are.

Ni Salt Chlorinator

The Ni Salt Chlorinator converts minerals or salt into chlorine which disinfects and oxidises all the contaminants in your pool and spa water. Available in 3 models from 20 gram to 40 gram there is a size to suit most residential swimming pools. The unique cell design is perfect for todays variable speed pumps and the lower flow rates owners employ to save operating costs.

Ui Ultra Violet Disinfection

UV-C radiation is highly effective at disinfecting water by inactivating or destroying microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and algae. It disrupts the DNA or RNA of these organisms, preventing their replication and rendering them harmless. This helps maintain a safe and hygienic swimming environment for pool users.