Hi Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your swimming pool or spa.   Cold refrigerant gas is circulated through large evaporative coils which absorb the ambient heat from the atmosphere. The warmed refrigerant gas is then circulated through a titanium heat exchanger which transfers the heat into your pool or spa water. In fact, the only energy used by a heat pump is simply used to circulate the refrigerant gas under pressure through the heat pump circuit.

Insnrg’s Hi Heat Pump range further enhances this efficiency with Inverter Technology.  This technology changes the speed of the compressor and fan to reduce the heat up time and then prevent any under or over shooting of the pool water temperature. The real benefits are two fold – decreasing your energy costs and almost silent operation.

For each kW of power used, Insnrg’s Hi Heat Pump generates up to 11 kW of heat for your pool water!  The advanced touch screen thermostat gives you complete control with fault codes.

The Advantage of Inverter Control