Gi Gas Heater

Heating on Demand

Small in size but big on performance, Insnrg’s Gi Gas Heater has the capacity to heat your pool or spa at any time. We call this heating “on demand”. Using your pool or spa is often an impulse decision, so why keep your pool warm all the time even when it is not used.  The Gi Gas Heater can heat your pool in a little as 8 hours. Swim for the weekend, then turn the heater off until the pool is next used, saving on heating costs, reducing evaporation and chemical consumption.

Having your spa ready when you want is even more important. A correctly sized Gi Gas Heater can heat your spa in as little as 30 minutes.

Incorporating a double row heat exchanger, the Insnrg GI heaters have a small footprint while achieving high efficiency, saving on valuable real estate and your energy bills.

Options for indoor or outdoor installation and natural or propane gases are available in 3 sizes. With a choice of 160 MJ, 265 MJ or 420 MJ (150k BTU, 250k BTU or 400k BTU), there is a near perfect Gi Heater for your pool or spa.