Li Cartridge and Di Filter

Correctly selecting a Filter will give you the cleanest and healthiest swimming water for you and your family.  The filter removes all the debris in the swimming pool to minimize the amount of food in the pool for harmful bacteria and algae.

The four elements in a Li cartridge filter are an ideal combination of removing the finest particles resulting in the clearest, cleanest water, along with reducing the maintenance time because of the larger filter area.  In most instances you will be cleaning your filter once a year!  Compare this to an average sand filter that requires a monthly backwash. This not only saves you time, but also a significant amount of water that you no longer need to obtain to top-up your pool.

Saves Energy

The larger filter tank also has more benefits, the larger the tank, the lower the pressure in the filtration system.  This allows you to operate your Qi variable speed pump at lower speeds and still get the same flow rate or circulation throughout your system, thus saving you energy costs as well.  Win Win!

Great water quality

High quality filter elements collect finer debris than sand filters, resulting in sparkling clean water that is also healthier with less opportunity for algae and bacteria to survive.  Be assured that your pool is clean and healthy, ready for your family to swim.